We're pretty cool

if we do say so ourselves

Melissa, 29

Owner + Project Manager

Spain or Vancouver, depending on the weather

Agency owner. Avocado enthusiast. Idea machine. Cannot remember all the words to any single song, except for the Paw Patrol theme. Gifts of  Iced Americanos are welcome + strongly encouraged.

Niki, 26

Pinterest + Virtual Admin


Pinterest expert. Dog mom. Rosé connoisseur, or Rosado, as it's known here in Spain. 🍷 Big fan of sunshine, heavy lifting, and eavesdropping on conversations in Polish. Unrelated, I'm bilingual.

Christine, 33

Web + Brand Designer + Calligrapher


Web design genius. UI/UX expert. Really good at drawing pretty letters. Also really good at CrossFit and Plumbing. 🔧 I enjoy my children, tattoos, and contradictory skill sets.

Lee, 30

Copywriter + Blogger

Calgary or NYC, depending what pizza I want

Writing aficionado. Cactus collector. Big fan of cheetah print. Even bigger fan of people who use the correct there, their, and they're. New York transplant- came for mountains, stayed for love.

Erin, 30

Expert Virtual Assistant


E-commerce guru. Email marketing maven. Maker of adorable offspring. Largely fueled by coffee and cupcakes, also known to enjoy a good dance class. Possible thing for T-rexes, cannot confirm or deny.

This is the beginning

Of a beautiful friendship

The single most important thing to all of us at Foundation Creative is the relationships we build with our clients and colleagues.  We know that great ideas and amazing results come from meaningful connections- and we believe wholeheartedly that we're better together.

If you want to meet the team, go ahead and swipe through our "profiles" right here - and if you want to know more, you can shoot us an email and schedule a call!